Podcast with Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie talking about blended families

Who’s at the Table welcomes singer, musician, actor, member of the Wiggles, and soon to become stepdad Lachlan Gillespie.

On TV he’s ‘The Purple Wiggle’. On this podcast he join’s us on ‘Who’s at the Table’ to chat about life when he’s not in the purple skivvy – including stepfatherhood.

Tune in to shake your wiggles out and learn more about how music, dance, drawing and singing can bring out the best in your child.

About Lachlan Gillespie

Lachy, as he is affectionally called, started playing the piano at age four. After studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Lachy went on to perform in musicals from Melbourne to New York.

When the opportunity of a lifetime came along to join the Wiggles in 2009, and wear the purple shirt, he took it.

The Purple Wiggle also hosts the short-form television show Lachy on the ABC, and loves the opportunities his passion for music and dance have afforded him.

Lachy is also very excited about the next chapter in his life – being a stepdad and having a new family.

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