Quick and Easy School Holiday Activities for Dads and Kids

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Although it is great to take your children on big adventures or holidays, sometimes the greatest memories are created through quick, easy, and simple games and activities. Research shows that children who engage in play with their dads are more confident and resilient. Playing with your kids now will help them in their future.

It is easy these days for our children to be glued to their screens and technology. It is important to set limits on ‘screen time’ for our children these holidays. Break up their ‘screen time’ with small activities you can do with them.

Small activities and games such as role play are very effective in developing your young child’s social and emotional learning. In addition, letting your kids navigate their way through boredom can be very helpful in the development of their imagination. Letting them develop and deal with their own boredom allows them to be creative and is a great sign of good mental health.

A great way to bond with your children one-on-one, is through ‘Dad Dates’. Taking each one of your children to do something they enjoy or do something new that they have been wanting to try gives you a great opportunity to catch up on a very personal level. It is rare that Dads with more than one child get to spend one-on-one time to catch up with one child, so try to make the time to give them your undivided attention through the holidays this festive season.

Here are some more ideas for quick and easy school holiday activities:

  • Plant a vegetable patch in the backyard – build and plant a veggie garden and draw up a chart of watering chores. Who knows, it might make the kids eat more veggies!
  • Get in the kitchen with your kids – help your children make their favourite snack in the kitchen. You could even set up your own home restaurant. Get your kids to design a menu and help them cook it!
  • Pitch a tent in the backyard and have a ‘staycation’ – give your kids the outdoor experience, in the comfort of their own backyard
  • Engage in role play activities with your younger kids – have a tea party or play doctor with the teddies to encourage imagination, creativity and develop their social skills and social and emotional learning
  • Engage in physical activity with your children – get the endorphins pumping with a bike ride or a jog with your kids, or simply walk the dog or kick the footy
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