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Raising Daughters and the Significance of a Father-Daughter Relationship

Raising Daughters and the Significance of a Father-Daughter Relationship
Published: Fri 19 Feb 2021

This week Dr Bruce Robinson discusses the significance of a father daughter relationship and the important role it plays in her life, now and in the future. The bond between a father and daughter is special and needs to be nurtured.

Naturally, you may find it easier to bond with your son and may be unsure how to connect with your daughter. However, it’s important to find common ground and ways to build a relationship and engage from a young age, through to adulthood. 

Fathering and raising your daughter will come with many fulfilling but also challenging moments. As a Dad, your role will change as your daughter gets older. What starts as protecting them physically and emotionally as a little girl, turns into being a father figure who she can come to for advice, a listening ear and shoulder to cry on, but most importantly, to show her how she should be treated by a man. 

Three Key Factors in Raising Daughters

  1. Daughters learn from their dads whether they are beautiful, both inside and out. 
  2. Daughters gain their confidence from their dad. Do you ask for her opinion and value it? Do you believe in her? 
  3. Respect and treatment. You play a critical role in how she will expect to be treated by a man, which will affect her and the relationships she partakes in.

Remember, daughters need their dads just like sons do. Take your daughter out on a dad date, spend time with her, go on a picnic, do things together that she enjoys. Don’t underestimate how important you are in the future of your daughter’s life. Focus on raising daughters, not just sons.

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