Raising Tweens: The Window of Opportunity with Michelle Mitchell

TFP CEO Káti Gapaillard sits down with Michelle Mitchell, tween and teen parenting expert, speaker and author. In this episode, Michelle reveals the crucial window of opportunity parents have during their child’s formative years to ensure they thrive in their teenage years.

Listen in as Káti and Michelle discuss navigating boundaries, communicating effectively with your tween, initiating conversations about intimate relationships, and empowering your child. Gain valuable insights that will help you raise a happy, confident, and well-adjusted tween.

For further support, we encourage you to check out Michelle’s new book TWEENS: What kids need now before the teenage years. 
She also has a heap of other useful parenting resources here.

About our Guest: Michelle Mitchell 

Michelle is a bestselling author and award-winning speaker known as ‘the teenage expert’ for her compassionate and practical parenting advice for tweens and teens.

With over 20 years experience in promoting wellbeing for young people and families, Michelle has authored parenting and children’s resources including the highly popular Everyday Resilience Journal, which has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into several languages, and her new release Tweens: What kids need now before the teenage years.


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