Dad-proof tip: Have family meetings

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Family meetings are regular get togethers, with the family, to ‘check in’ on how everyone is feeling, discuss important issues, and review and plan for the coming week. The goals of the weekly family meeting are to help you communicate better, bring everyone closer together, and to have some fun. Family meetings help to teach […]

Podcast: Dr Michael Flood – A father’s role in modelling positive masculinity

In this week’s episode we are thrilled to be joined by Dr Michael Flood who is an internationally recognised researcher on men, masculinities, and violence prevention. He has made a significant contribution to scholarly and community understanding of men’s and boys’ involvements in preventing and reducing violence against women and building gender equality. In recognition […]

Dad-proof tip: Balancing work and Family Life

Have you ever stopped to think about how your priorities change over time? From when you are young and entering the workplace, to when you have children, to when you are thinking about retirement and then looking back on your life. Now is a good time to think about it. “I don’t suppose anybody ever […]

Podcast: Finding balance to strengthen the relationship with your partner

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In this week’s podcast we discuss how we can find balance between work, family and ‘life’ to ensure we spend enough time strengthening the relationship with our partner. Raising children doesn’t mean your relationship should take a back seat. Yes, having children can change the dynamic, but ensuring you put conscious into moving with the […]

Dad-proof tip: How to switch ‘off’ from work and ‘on’ for kids

A Man Taking Care of His Son while Working

Switching off from work can be a challenge. For those who work from home often, it can sometimes prove even more challenging. Whether you work mostly from home, on-site or in the office, coming home from work can be a challenge, especially with younger children wanting your attention.  Some days it can feel like you […]

Dad-proof tip: Reflect on your work life balance

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Dads of today have tripled the time they spend on caring for their children and do twice as much housework (compared to fathers of a generation ago). Research shows 85% of dads aspire to fully share parenting with their spouses, however only 30% report that they actually get to do this. For some dads, making […]

Dad-proof tip: Finding your life balance

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Everyone’s life balance is different and will alter as the needs of your children change and demands of work evolves over time. Finding a comfortable and healthy balance for you is something you need to work on and fine-tune over your life-time stages. We all need to find a comfortable balance that includes time for […]

Dad-proof tip: Understand your anger

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Everyone feels angry sometimes, it is perfectly normal.  Being a dad can bring about a range of emotions, and triggers you didn’t even know existed. It is how you express that anger that is important. Don’t let it control you.  When you choose to use anger positively, it can give you energy and motivation to […]

Dad-proof tip: Dealing with trauma and moving forward

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Trauma is most often the result of a negative event or situation. It may be the death of someone you love, experiencing abuse, an accident, a difficult relationship, or a natural disaster like an earthquake or fire. If you are feeling shocked and overwhelmed with emotional pain, such as feeling sadness and grief, feeling anxious […]

Dad-proof tip: Look after your own emotional wellbeing

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To show up as the best dad you can for your kids, looking after your mental and emotional wellbeing is a number one priority. Mental health refers to our psychological emotional  and social wellbeing - it is all about how we think, feel, and behave.  Good mental health and wellbeing allows you to live your life in […]