Play is a game changer for toddlers

woman in brown coat carrying child in orange and white striped polo shirt

At the Fathering Project, we believe that “play is a game changer” for children’s development. Fathers who engage in active play with their kids encourage them to explore, discover, and problem-solve. In particular, rough and tumble play, such as tickling, chasing, and fun wrestling, has been shown to boost children’s confidence and ability to cope […]

A dad’s role in building healthy self-esteem

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A key factor in the development of resilience in children and young people is a healthy self-esteem. We want our children to believe – I am capable and confident in myself and my ability to take on challenges and try new things.   Young people with positive self-esteem are more likely to feel capable and valuable, […]

Podcast: Looking after your mental health as a new dad

baby in white and black stripe onesie lying on red and white textile

Mental health for new dads is critical. In today’s podcast discussion we will be talking all things mental health, but more specifically mental health and wellbeing for new dads. What happens during pre and post-birth, and how dads can stay on top of their mental health so they are in the best shape for their […]

Podcast: sleeping and settling your infant

In this podcast we talk all things sleeping and settling your infant with special guest Tracey Cassels PHD. A really insightful and informative discussion. We’re grateful to have Tracy join us to provide all the advice and tips for new parents. About our guest  Tracy Cassels PHD is the Director of Evolutionary Parenting, an online […]

Dad-proof tip: Little actions go a long way

Man in Blue Dress Shirt Sitting Beside Woman in White and Brown Stripe Tank Top

There are many things that fathers can do in the midst of a busy life to make a difference in the lives of their children. It doesn’t take a huge amount of time, and the busier you are the more kids appreciate the time you spend with them. It makes them feel really special and […]

Dad-proof tip: Maintaining an emotional connection with your child

Fathers and father figure’s emotional connection with their child will change overtime, depending on the life stage. The goal is to work on creating an emotional connection from the start, and building on it as they grow. The way you work on your emotional connection with your toddler, will differ to your teenager, or even […]

Dad-proof tip: Be a role model of strength and resilience for your child

girl holding lawn tennis racket while standing beside white and black net

Children often see their fathers  as a solid foundation and make them feel safe and secure. Because of this, they are a strong role model for building resilience and confidence in their children. Children are watching your every move and they look to their father to understand how to deal with and react to everyday situations, […]

Ways you can actively listen to your child

A Man Talking to His Kids while Having Breakfast

It’s no secret that as adults and human beings, we often find it hard to actively listen without thinking of what we’ll say next. We can oftenlisten to respond, but what we instead need to be doing is taking the time to listen, for the sake of listening, actively, not just to respond. When it […]

Eight tips to help raise resilient kids

Resilience is important for everyday life, and helps us to navigate challenges, deal with stressful situations and bounce back in difficult times. Living through a pandemic has certainly contributed to resilience in not only ourselves, but also our children.  Raising resilient children helps them to become problem solvers and face tough or challenging situations and […]

Raising children on the autism spectrum: Advice from a clinical psychologist

On this week’s podcast we’re joined by clinical psychologist, Jeroen Decates. He has been practising as a psychologist for over 45 years and specialises in psychological therapies for people on the autism spectrum, where he focuses his treatment on life skills and strategies for managing day to day situations. Raising a child with additional needs is […]