Dad-proof tip: Maintaining an emotional connection with your child

Fathers and father figure’s emotional connection with their child will change overtime, depending on the life stage. The goal is to work on creating an emotional connection from the start, and building on it as they grow. The way you work on your emotional connection with your toddler, will differ to your teenager, or even […]

Winter school holiday activity ideas

three children holding hands standing on grasses

The school holidays are near and you may be mentally preparing yourself for the “I’m boooored” spiel. Don’t fear, we have compiled a list of activity ideas to get you started. These are cheap and simple ideas to facilitate learning, father/child bonding and to keep the kids occupied. Given the fact it’s winter means you […]

Dad-proof tip: Be a role model of strength and resilience for your child

girl holding lawn tennis racket while standing beside white and black net

Children often see their fathers  as a solid foundation and make them feel safe and secure. Because of this, they are a strong role model for building resilience and confidence in their children. Children are watching your every move and they look to their father to understand how to deal with and react to everyday situations, […]

Dad-proof tip: Teaching your child about boundaries and consent

two toddler pillow fighting

Teaching your child about boundaries and consent as a dad and father figure is key to a child’s development and how they will interact with others as they move through adulthood. Boundaries in healthy relationships are just like boundaries on a sports field or a court. It’s like setting a line that you don’t want […]

Dad-proof tips: Modelling respectful and healthy relationships

man in white shirt carrying black short coated dog

As a father you are uniquely placed to demonstrate strength and gentleness. This is important because those children whose fathers’ parent with warmth and love will have the best outcomes. You are your children’s first models of what healthy relationships look and feel like. Your children are going to look to you for how to […]

Dad-proof tips: Fathers as role models and influence

father role model influence children

A father’s influence can last a lifetime. What you say and do will shape your children’s attitudes, how they behave and the decisions they make as they move through their journey to adulthood. As fathers, it is important to realise that your children are watching and listening to everything you say and do when you […]

Nature play week: Seven nature activity ideas for kids

child playing with dried leaves

Nature Play week runs from April 6th – April 16th and encourages children to get outside and make use of our natural world for their play. After the last few years of lockdowns, and inevitably more screen time, it’s never been more important to get your children outside in nature. The natural environment is a […]

Six ways a father can help to build strength, confidence and ambition in his daughter

Father’s play a significant part in the way their daughter shows strength, self-worth, confidence and their future ambitions. The example you set now will determine whether your daughter believes she can be powerful, strong and succeed in anything she puts her mind to. Teaching this starts in the home, from a young age and continues […]

Ways you can actively listen to your child

A Man Talking to His Kids while Having Breakfast

It’s no secret that as adults and human beings, we often find it hard to actively listen without thinking of what we’ll say next. We can oftenlisten to respond, but what we instead need to be doing is taking the time to listen, for the sake of listening, actively, not just to respond. When it […]