Schedule dad dates to connect and communicate with your son

Last week we discussed the importance of communicating with your son through the different stages of his life. Opportunities to communicate can sometimes be hard to come by, especially as your child moves into his teens. One of the best ways to communicate is organising one on one time with your son and take him on a dad date! 

By organising a dad date and communicating over shared interests and activities will help to foster the relationship. It will also help to open the lines of communication and make conversation flow easier. 

For some, the thought of a ‘dad date’ might sound a little foreign, but give it a go, we promise you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. 

Dr Bruce Robinsons’s tips for communication through shared activities and interests

  • Create one-on-one moments. Use the time in the car to your benefit, driving to school, a sports event, picking up a friend, going to an event together.
  • Find an activity that you can teach them. One thing boys do enjoy is the BBQ with dad – teach them about cooking and the perfect steak. 
  • Tell your son a bit about your day. Share any funny moments. Let him know what’s happening at work and ask his opinion on an issue you need help with. Your son will enjoy hearing that you’re not perfect.
  • Organise a dads weekend away, just the two of you. If you have other children, organise a time with them separately. 
  • Be regular and consistent. Try and spend regular time together talking. This will only make your relationship stronger, so if they hit an obstacle in life, they will be more incline to open up and talk to you about it. 

Dad dates and sharing activities and interests with your son helps to facilitate communication and will allow your relationship to grow, it builds trust and creates great bonding time.

Mondays with Fathering Project founder Dr. Bruce Robinson
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