School holiday activity ideas to keep you busy

The school holidays have fast approached and it may dawn upon you; what can I do to keep the kids occupied all holidays?!

We’ve compiled some ideas and activities for you to try which will keep them busy, and give you some down-time.

1. Plant a vegetable patch in the backyard

Did you know that kids who help to grow their own veggies are more likely to eat them? Make it a little project of yours these holidays. This will not only allow you to spend quality time together but educate the kids as well.

2. Pitch a tent in the backyard and have a ‘staycation”

You don’t always have to pack the whole car up and drive hours to have fun and camp. Try pitching a tent together in the backyard.

3. Cardboard box imaginary play

If you have toddlers, this will keep them busy for hours. Help them create their own rocket ship or car from cardboard box! You’ll be surprised how many hours of fun this will provide.

4. Have a movie night

Turn your loungeroom into your own cinema. Write up some movie tickets, cook some popcorn and eat some snacks.

5. Make a movie

Write a script together. Assign the characters to each member of the family. Then dress up and film the scenes in your house or back yard.

6. Dad dates

Take each of your children on a ‘dad date’. Do something together they enjoy, them to do one of their favourite activities or places to eat.

7. Apron up

Bake something together; a cake, cookies, healthy snack. Make dinner or lunch, anything that will get them in the kitchen and allow you to make something together.

8. Nature hunt

Go on a walk, take a paper bag with you and collect any special ‘treasures’ you see on the way.

These are simple activities you can do with your kids, the activities don’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be fun. Children just want to spend time with you and have your full attention. Let us know how you go these school holidays and tick some ideas off the list.

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