Setting family goals for 2022

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We are almost at the end of January, yes, we’re thinking the same thing, where did the month go?!

Given the whirlwind end it was to 2021 and a tough beginning for many in 2022, with omicron, isolation, tsunami warnings and school holiday extensions, we’ve decided February is a clean slate to begin 2022; the right way.

Setting new year and personal goals is something many do (whether we stay committed for more than a few weeks is another story entirely), we’d like to highlight the importance of setting family goals too.

Sit down together with your children and discuss what you’d like to do and achieve over the year and how you can make it happen, they can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Write your goals down, hang it on the fridge as a reminder to stay accountable.

Six goals to get you started

  • Schedule in weekly or monthly one-on-one dad dates with each of your children
  • Play more music. Music puts everyone in a good mood. Create a family playlist and listen to a few songs after dinner.
  • Practice gratitude together. Make it a weekly habit to each talk about why you’re grateful. This also helps to improve your mood and teaches your children to appreciate the small things.
  • Cut back on screen time. Make it a rule that there will be no screen time 1 hour before bed or cut out screens on weeknights.
  • Schedule date nights with your partner. Hire a baby sitter, or, you could take turns looking after your friend’s children whilst you each go on dates.
  • Eat dinner together. Decide how frequently throughout the week you will eat dinner together, and stick to it. Eating together is always a good opportunity to talk about each other’s day and find out about what’s going on in each other’s lives.

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