Steve Biddulph talks about Raising Boys in the Twenty-First Century

Steve Biddulph

Raising boys with Steve Biddulph

In this podcast Steve shares insights into why boys are different and how to help them become happy and well-balanced men.

Steve explores the development of boys from birth to manhood and discusses the relationship between sports, values, creating caring attitudes towards sex, and the role of community and school in raising a boy.

This podcast was released on Friday 25 September.

About Steve Biddulph AM

Steve Biddulph is one of the world’s best-known parent educators. A psychologist for 30 years, he is now retired but continues to write and teach.

His books, including ‘Raising Girls’, ‘The Secret of Happy Children’, ‘Raising Boys’, ‘The New Manhood’, and now ’10 Things Girls Need Most’ are on bookshelves in four million homes and published in 31 languages.  They have influenced the way we look at childhood and especially the development of boys and men. Today though, the mental health of girls and young women globally is a major focus.

Steve was voted Australian Father of the Year 2001 for his work encouraging dads, and a Member of the Order of Australia for his work in young people’s mental health. He has two grown up children, and lives in Tasmania with his wife and co-author Shaaron, and assorted wombats.

About the book ‘Raising Boys in the Twenty-First Century’

First published in 1995, Raising Boys was an instant bestseller and to date has sold over a million copies worldwide.

Few books have stayed in the hearts and minds of parents everywhere as much as Raising Boys. Now in an increasingly complicated and nuanced world, raising boys to become emotionally strong, kind and resilient men is even more important and relevant. In response to calls from parents around the world Steve Biddulph has completely updated and revised his seminal work to include all the latest international information and advice for parents on all the key issues of today.

The Fathering Project strongly recommends reading Steve’s book ‘Raising Boys in the Twenty-First Century’.

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