Strengthening connection and relationship with your teens

Karen Young kicks off our tween and teen series with this podcast, jam-packed with tips and advice for dads, and how they can best strengthen their connection during these years, which at times often feels difficult. 

Karen uses her years of expertise as a psychologist and neurodevelopment educator to share with us some insights around raising tweens and teens. She highlights the importance of connection and relationship, even when it feels like they’re drifting from us. We’re reminded that it’s a normal part of the teen journey for them to want their independence, and pull away. By creating a safe space and secure foundation, they will come back.

 This podcast covers:

  • Why tweens and teens need their dads
  • Strategies to stay engaged 
  • The importance of understanding your child’s ‘love language’
  • Is it normal for teenagers to pull away? 
  • A father’s influence 
  • Tips to avoid conflict

About our Guest

Karen is a neurodevelopment educator, author, speaker and consultant, specialising in child and adolescent anxiety. She began her career as a psychologist in private practice and has worked extensively with children, teens and families, and in educational, government body and organisation settings.

Author of three books, including the bestselling Hey Warrior. and Hey Awesome , which creatively assist children to understand and manage anxiety.

She’s also the founder of Hey Sigmund, an internationally popular online resource, as a way to provide contemporary, research-driven information on the art of being human, and being with humans.

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