Tech and work-life: Finding the balance with Brad Marshall

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In this week’s episode we welcome back The Unplugged Psychologist Brad Marshall to discuss how technology can contribute to workplace stress, especially due to the rise of hybrid and remote work, and discover as individuals, as well as businesses, how we can work to keep a healthy balance.

Whether you are looking to take hold of your own technology use, or you’re a leader in your workplace wanting to support your employee’s, this podcast is for you!

About our guest

Brad is recognised as one of Australia’s leading experts in excessive internet use or ‘Internet Addiction’ otherwise known as Gaming Disorder and related disorders. As the Director and Founder of The Screen & Gaming Disorder Clinic; Australia’s first established specialty clinic, he is a well-respected presenter and speaker on the topic, frequenting schools, corporate and parent seminars.

He is the author of the books “The Tech Diet for your Child and Teen” and “How to Say No to your phone” which have been published in over a dozen countries and multiple languages world-wide. In his spare time Brad is doing a PhD research program at Macquarie University, running clinical trials for Gaming Disorder.

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