The Big Push Charity Bike Ride 2021

The Fathering Project’s “BIG PUSH” bike ride is a charity event that brings fathers, father-figures and family members together, with the one goal of celebrating the important role of being a father. 

On April 30 2021, 32 fathers, father figures, father-son duos, and even grandads embarked on a 325km bike ride from Sydney to Canberra. 

The weekend was beyond a success, where we exceeded our fundraising goal, and raised over $150,000. We are truly grateful, and thank the volunteers, riders and the generosity of the community for their donations. We couldn’t have done it without the never ending support, which will allow us to continue our critical work in the community. The funds raised are going towards two of our new programs, community fathering and supporting dads with children with a disability.

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