The difference a loving environment can make for kids with Karl O’Callaghan

Webinar: The difference of a loving environment with Karl O’Callaghan

With the last of his four children having left home, Karl and his wife Christine found their house felt a bit empty.

They decided to provide a safe and loving home to foster children and have now cared for nine foster children including two young brothers who have become a permanent fixture.

This live webinar was held on Thursday 8 October.

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After so many years in the police force, Karl has turned his life’s work to supporting kids in need, through unconditional love, guidance, restoring their self-confidence and helping them set a compass for their life with positive goals and outcomes to achieve.

“You get enormous pleasure from having the kids around and having them share their love with you,” he says. “Having young kids around keeps you young and keeps you thinking young.”


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