The Fathering Instinct with Paul Morrison West Coast Eagles Chaplain

This week we hear from Paul Morrison, West Coast Eagles Chaplain about what he calls the Fathering instinct. 

Becoming a father is an exciting time, and with it you’ll find comes natural instincts when it comes to caring for and looking after your children. Paul highlights three of these, and encourages fathers and father figures to always be reminded of the basic key instincts as children grow and apply it to your fathering where possible. 

Three fathering instincts: 

  1. Be grateful – love your children for who they are and grateful to have them in your life
  2. Be generous – with your time and investing in spending quality time with them 
  3. Be Gentle – as fathers it can sometimes be easy to underestimate the power of words 

As your children grow, your buttons are sure to be pushed, especially during the teenage years, but through out every stage of their life, reminding yourself of these three simple yet key instincts, can help to foster the relationship you have with them. 

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