The Fathering Project introduces ‘Real Dad Stories’

Coming Soon to The Fathering Channel: Real Dad Stories

Real Dad Stories is a series where we sit down one-on-one with different groups of fathers and father-figures to chat about their journey through fatherhood. Each with a different story and experience to tell, on a monthly basis we’ll delve into the joys and challenges of fatherhood, the good times, the not so great times and everything in between. 

A real look into the day-to-day life of being a father, ‘Real Dad Stories’ seeks to bring men together from all walks of life, coming together to highlight what it means to be a father, a father-figure and a man.

We’ll discuss a range of topics from being a single dad, the stressors of life and facing challenging news, to dealing with divorce, the reality of being a stay at home dad, the challenges of raising teenagers and much more. 

A place for fathers and father-figures to come and hear real stories and find solace in knowing we’re all experiencing father-hood in our own unique ways and yet we all have so much in common.

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