The importance of unconditional love this festive season

Dr Bruce Robinson

The importance of unconditional love coming into the festive season

Unconditional love is when our children know they are loved, not because of what they do or don’t do, but because they are our child.

Unconditional love is not based on their performance, marks at school, what they look like or what they are good at. We want our children to know they are loved no matter what. They need to know 100 percent that we will not put them down, and will always be there for them.

Why is unconditional love important?

A Father’s love has lasting effects into adulthood. Close parent relationships are one of the biggest influences on our child’s development. From the moment they are born, bonding with them helps them to learn that their world is safe and secure and that they are loved.

Top tips for loving them:

  • Tell them they are loved’ simply because they are your child. Not because of what they do or don’t do.
  • Your love needs to be unconditional even when you disagree. During a disagreement it is especially important for your child knows you will still love them.
  • when they’ve behaved badly tell them you love them, but that you don’t like their behaviour and you won’t put up with it.
  • Set a goal to never end the day without letting your child know they are loved
  • Surprise them sometimes by telling them when they don’t expect it.
  • Write how you feel in cards, notes, emails and text messages for them.


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