The relationship between a father and daughter and why it’s so important

Raising Girls Series

In this month’s series we focus on raising daughters. An incredibly important topic and something Dr Bruce Robinson will help us delve into over the coming weeks. 

Through out the month Bruce will discuss the important role you play in your daughter’s life and why you need to engage and foster your relationship. The relationship you have with your daughter is as equally important as it is with your son and will influence the woman your daughter becomes. Her expectations of men, self-worth and confidence are all impacted by the example you set. 

As we progress through the month, we hope you learn something new from Bruce’s knowledge and guidance. 

What Girls Need From Their Fathers

  • Provide positive support and acceptance as she’s experiencing changes, and carefully remind her that you understand – you experienced changes of your own.
  • A girl’s self-esteem is built on healthy, supportive relationships, especially with their dad, so be considerate of this.  
  • Girls form strong messages about future relationships from the way their fathers treat their mothers/partners so be aware of this. She is watching. 
  • Girls need their father to show affection. 
  • Let her know you will be there for her no matter what.  
Mondays with Fathering Project founder Dr. Bruce Robinson
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