The role of a Father this Mother’s Day

Your role as a father on a special day like Mother’s Day is to teach your children to appreciate, respect and love their mother. You can model this by encouraging your children to do something special for her. Brainstorm some ideas together and lead by example, especially if your children are young, you’re the driving force behind this special day!

Remember, it’s not about going out and buying the most expensive gift, but is about the acknowledgement of the day and all that Mother’s do for their children.

It’s a perfect time to show appreciation for your children’s mother, whether you’re together or co-parenting. You are their role model and they learn from you about how to appreciate, be kind and respect their mum, on Mother’s Day as well as every other day. 

You’ve still got a little time to prepare. Here are our Five tips this Mother’s Day to make her feel special. 

1. Make a handmade card together

Doing this activity together not only creates a time for you and your children to get crafty and bond together, it also teaches them about the act of being kind and thoughtful. Even if you are not long living in the same house as their mother, showing your children you’re still putting in the effort sends a strong message about respect and appreciation.

2. Write down the top ten reasons why you appreciate her

This is a thoughtful way of expressing to their mother just how valued and loved she is. If you live together write these as separate notes and place them around the house, she’ll come across them as she goes about her day. If you’re co-parenting, write the notes together and place them in an envelope as a present. 

3. Let her sleep in

Resist the urge to barge into the room with the children bright and early. Take the children out for the morning until she’s risen from her beauty sleep, then roll on in and spoil her with the breakfast in bed! 

4. Be thoughtful

Mother’s day isn’t a day about buying expensive gifts and is more about showing appreciation for all that mothers do. Buy her favourite flowers, some chocolates or make a thoughtful gift, like a scrapbook of special photos and memories.

5. Get baking

Bake some cookies, brownies or her favourite cake or slice.  

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