Tips for dads on being a positive sports coach with your kids

Being a Positive Sports Coach

Coaching kids sport is an important job. With every encouraging word and positive action, you have the potential to leave a positive and lasting impact on every child you coach. The rewards can be enormous for you all.

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Tips to coach or manage your child’s sport team:

  • Try to become a coach for each of your children at least once – even if it’s a sport you don’t have a strong interest in, you can still be the team manager.
  • Help your child train and practise for their sport – go for a run together or do throwing/catching/hitting drills.
  • If your child wants to play a sport you know nothing about – don’t automatically say “no”. Ask your child to teach you what it’s about, and find out about it from the internet and other sources.

If you are coaching your own child, it is important to:

  • Discuss your role as the coach with your child and together set some rules and parameters that work for you both.
  • Continue to ask for feedback about how your child is feeling about your coach/player roles.
  • Never stop being a parent, but avoid parenting during training and game time.
  • Treat your child like everyone else, no favouritism, no over compensation or unfairness.
  • Don’t talk negatively about other players/families/umpires/club officials to your child.

I loved coaching sports teams with my kids. I highly recommend it!  

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