Tips to help your child settle at school with Dr Tim Hawkes

Helping anxious children, new school, first day back get settled, develop a routine, and look forward to school in 2021. 

Dads can help their kids settle back to school – find out how!
As Australian kids start heading back to school, many face a range of emotions, anxiety, fear, excitement, and sadness as they leave the comfort of their home, many heading back to school first time in many months.

Join Dr Tim Hawkes this Friday night in our new Podcast series Figuring it out Together on the Fathering Channel. Live from 7 pm, Friday, June 5 for tips on how you can support your child settle into school.

Back-to-school after COVID-19

As Australian kids start heading back to school, many face a range of emotions, anxiety, fear, and sadness as they pivot to a new school norm, temperature checks, schedule changes, and new seating arrangements in class.

For many this causes a sense of anxiousness. For those in their final year of school, tremendous sadness around their loss of a rite of passage in their final senior year. For fathers and families, they need us more than ever.

Join Dr Tim Hawkes in our new Podcast series Figuring it out Together.

About Dr Tim Hawkes

Tim Hawkes is an educator, social commentator and author.

Recipient of an Australian Government ‘Excellence as a Headmaster Award’ in 2007 and an OAM for services to education in 2014, Tim is a frequent contributor to educational debate with many radio appearances, including Richard Glover’s ‘Political Forum’ on the ABC and regular television appearances.


Figuring It Out Together podcast series
Podcast series Figuring It Out Together, June 2020 on The Fathering Channel. We tackle many challenges facing dads and explore fathering across all ages from newborns to toddlers, school age to teenagers and those hard to have conversations. We take your problems and deep dive on how to help you navigate solutions and positive outcomes. Join us for our new series Figuring It Out Together, weekly on Fridays.
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