‘Transitioning into fatherhood with confidence’ with Steven Kennedy

Webinar: ‘Transitioning into fatherhood with confidence’ with Steven Kennedy

Writer Steven Kennedy from ‘Birthing Dads’ joined us to discuss and facilitate conversations around how to transition with confidence into fatherhood.

  • Date: Thursday 4 June 2020
  • Topic: Transitioning into fatherhood with confidence
  • Speaker: Steven Kennedy (writer from Birthing Dads)

What will you learn?

It is common for expectant dads to attend the birth of their baby. Numbers have steadily increased over the last five decades to the point where fathers are now at 96% of births, often as the primary support person, however, they are rarely given any preparation, guidance or support for this challenging role.

This research-based webinar will explore how fathers can support their families during the pre-birth, birth and first year of fathering, and suggest strategies to ensure the transition to fatherhood is as smooth as possible.

Steven founded Birthing Dads to raise awareness of the positive impact that supportive partners can have in the birthing room, and to help dad’s transition into the fathering role.

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