Understanding the teenage brain with Dr Steve Kassem

Podcast: Mental Health and the Teenage Brain

Dr Kassem will talk about the remodeling that happens intensively during adolescence, hormonal changes, anxiety, depression, how the brain repurposes its connections, and how changing roles from child, to teenager, to a young adult impacts your children’s identity.

This podcast was recorded on Friday 23 October.


This podcast is part of a special feature series this month around mental health and wellness for dads, father-figures and their children.

About Dr Steve Kassem

Dr Steve Kassem completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney in Neuroscience and Psychology. He then went on to complete his honours year at the Brain and Mind Research Institute, looking into the morphological changes of chronic stress on neurons, glia and gray matter. At the Brain and Mind he published work revealing the composition of gray matter represented by its cellular components, and how changes to these components resulted in concomitant changes in gray matter volume. Subsequently, he went on to complete his PhD, in a dual supervision, at the University of Sydney and the University of NSW, looking into the effects chronic stress and its morphological changes had on learning behaviours and their neural circuits.

Dr Kassem was appointed a postdoctoral fellowship to work with Scientia Professor George Paxinos AO, bringing his novel histological and MRI skills to Prof Paxinos’ work on visualising and defining the brain. He has recently completed two books, “Atlas of the Developing Mouse Brain” and “Chemoarchitectonic Atlas of the Rat Brain”, works completed with Prof Paxinos. He is currently working to make the highest resolution map of the human brain

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