Webinar discussing the new Beacon cyber safety app and strategies for parents

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Webinar: Cyber safety and strategies for parents

A new mobile app called “Beacon” is being launched that will assist parents develop strategies around cyber safety for their kids.

Learn more about the Beacon app here

What parents will learn:

  • An introduction to using the Beacon cyber safety app.
  • Strategies to deal with common online behaviours and issues such as cyber bullying and grooming.
  • Screen time management, helpful conversational starters.
  • Online trends to keep a watchful eye on during COVID and beyond.

The new Beacon cyber safety app is an initiative by Telethon Kids Institute and Bankwest. The cyber safety app provides parents and carers with knowledge and skills, delivering the most trusted and up-to-date information backed by behavioural science research. It gives parents personalised support, ideas and strategies to help their children thrive in an ever-changing online world.

About our speaker Bec Nguyen

Bec Nguyen is a digital project manager with the Health Promotion and Education Research team at Telethon Kids Institute, overseeing all digital health projects.

This presentation covers Telethon Kids Institute’s exciting new Beacon cyber safety app, an introduction to its features, and how The Fathering Project community members contributed to this exciting new initiative.

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