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Our innovative new tool supporting family engagement and learning outcomes for children

Our innovative new tool supporting family engagement and learning outcomes for children
Published: Sun 14 Jun 2020
Webinar this week: The Family Partnerships Planning Tool

A very special webinar about the launch of an innovative new initiative by The Fathering Project – the ‘Family Partnership Planning Tool’ for schools.

This webinar was recorded on Thursday 18 June 2020

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Research shows that when schools have an emphasis on specifically engaging fathers and father-figures, they see a significant benefit for their students and their whole school community.

Our new initiative is aimed at working together to engage fathers and support family partnerships, and to provide schools with an easy to action tool to audit their school’s family partnership ranking.

The tool’s progress reviews allow for monitoring, identifying opportunities for improvement and increasing rankings over time.

And, at the heart of this tool is the student. It supports the building of a positive learning environment to motivate and build children’s confidence and wellbeing, as well as support their academic outcomes.

The launch of the Family Partnership Tool in Australia aligns with World Wellbeing Week.


  • John Kirkland (educator)
  • Wayne Bradshaw (The Fathering Project)
  • Sean John (Dad Groups Leader/father)
  • Anne Adams (The Fathering Project)

Ideal for: parents, fathers, father-figures, educators, teachers, school principals, support learners.

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