Webinar on student wellbeing, resilience and mental health with Daisy Turnbull

Webinar with youth wellbeing expert Daisy Turnbull

A conversation for all parents to learn supportive wellbeing tools for engagement with your child.

Youth wellbeing expert, St Catherine’s School Sydney Director of Wellbeing Daisy Turnbull, joins us on this week’s webinar to explore the fundamentals of wellbeing and ‘positive psychology’ sometimes described as the science of human flourishing.

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Turnbull Brown says the biggest challenge facing teenagers is the increased levels of depression and anxiety which research suggests is correlated with social media.

During this webinar she will focus on understanding the framework of wellbeing in your child’s life, how to adopt ‘positive psychology’ in the home, the benefits of wellbeing principles, and being mindful of social media vortexes which correlate to increased mental health issues.

About our speaker Daisy Turnbull

Daisy Turnbull Brown is the Director of Wellbeing at St Catherine’s School in Sydney, where she has also been a teacher for 8 years. She has also taught across school systems including some time at a behavioural school, working with students from varying backgrounds.

Before going into teaching Daisy worked in interactive advertising as a producer and in strategic communications. Daisy is an accredited Lifeline Crisis Support counsellor and regularly volunteers on the crisis support line.

She is the mother of two children, holds a Combined Bachelor’s degree in Arts/Commerce, a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Teaching, and a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies. She is also an obsessive crocheter and a terrible runner, but passionate about youth, wellbeing and building resilience for life.

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