Why it is important for fathers and father-figures to remain relevant

How do fathers get the balance right and stay relevant in their child’s life?

COVID-19 has brought additional challenges to fathers and father-figures, with many working from home and wearing two hats. But how are fathers managing these hats? Which one are your wearing with your children and which one with your partner?

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About Dr Tim Hawkes OAM

Father of two daughters and a son, Dr Tim Hawkes has written on raising teens with his latest book, “Ten Leadership Lessons You Should Teach Your Teenager” being popular with parents. Dr Hawkes has been active in the area of values education and the development of leadership skills in students. His four book series, “Learning Leadership – a leadership course for secondary students” has become popular in schools throughout the world.

In 2007, Dr Hawkes was given a “Quality Teaching” Federal Government award for excellence as a school principal for “rejuvenating the educational philosophy and practice of The King’s School by building on its strengths as a national leader in boys’ education, residential education and leadership education.” The citation went on to say that School’s academic results had also improved significantly under his leadership.

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