Winter school holiday activity ideas

three children holding hands standing on grasses

The school holidays are near and you may be mentally preparing yourself for the “I’m boooored” spiel. Don’t fear, we have compiled a list of activity ideas to get you started.

These are cheap and simple ideas to facilitate learning, father/child bonding and to keep the kids occupied.

Given the fact it’s winter means you might be more inclined to stay in doors – so these activities are perfect.

  1. Go on a nearby neighbourhood adventure
    Open up your maps and take a look around. Is there a local park, bush walk or somewhere you haven’t been before? You might be surprised about what’s on your doorstep!
  2. Play some music and experiment with arts and crafts
    Use textas, pencils, crayons and paint. Divide a piece of paper up into fours and have your child get creative whilst different songs are playing. Note the similarities and differences in art when a different song is playing.
  3. Create a collage
    Cut up some old magazines, newspapers, even use what you find outside in nature and create your own collage. The collage can tell a story, focus on a specific theme like underwater, space, the jungle or just be a creative outlet for your child.
  4. Make your own family movie
    Come up with a simple story line, re-enact a scene from your favourite movie as a family or create a ‘day-in the-life’ school holiday blog. You can use editing software like iMovie to add in effects and music. This is a great way to make memories and have something to keep and look back on.
  5. Have a picnic 
    The picnic can either be in your own backyard, or you can head out to a local park and soak up the winter’s sun. Each family member can decide on a food to bring to the picnic, take games with you  and spend some quality time together.
  6. Go on a treasure hunt 
    Create your own treasure hunt at home, either inside or in the garden. Write up a treasure map and give the kids clues. The treasure kids look for can range from simple household items, items found in the garden or even a special treat for them.
  7. Try out some science experiments
    Research a few different experiments and give them a go at home. Here are a few to get you started.
  8. Have a dessert cooking day
    Try out a few simple dessert recipes together. Try this one from our very own Dad-chef Cameron. 
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