Fathering Project Rally

11,000 miles, 13 countries, 3 Fathers, 3 Sons. 

The Mongol Rally is a mountain of a challenge; but three father-son teams will soon embark on this epic journey through Europe and Asia and The Fathering Project is grateful to be receiving all funds raised in the lead-up to and throughout their journey.

Meet Louis Grist, Jackson Lindsay and Max Welborn:

“We’re three young men who have been fortunate enough to have our dads and other strong father figures guide us through every stage of our lives. Realising just how central these experiences have been to our lives and how fortunate we have been, it became obvious that all young adults deserve the same guidance, wisdom, safety and inspiration we had.

This is why we have partnered with The Fathering Project in order to showcase just what a Father-Son team can achieve together. In July 2019 we will be embarking on the Mongol rally, a journey that crosses Europe and Asia, through mountain, desert, sand and snow. Our dads Tony, Mark and John are joining us for the father-son journey, which will see us traverse the entirety of Turkey, heading north through the mountains into Georgia, Russia and the the most isolated parts of Chechnya and The Caucasus, before heading south into Azerbaijan.

Funds raised will help The Fathering Project continue to support dads and father-figures to be the best they can be, for the benefit of our community’s kids.

Everything The Fathering Project does is designed to help fathers and father-figures become more effective in their first and most important role, a role we know personally as vital to a happy life.”

Every donation counts.