Calling all Dads to make a pledge to kick goals for their kids.

At the Fathering Project we want to say Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, father figures, coaches and mentors.

Being a father can be rewarding, challenging and filled with extraordinary wonders as you share special moments with your child. Our research shows that dads play a critical role in their child’s development, socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Spending quality one-on-one time with your child, reaps so many rewards for your child and for you. However, many of us struggle to find that time with all the pressures of work, family and friends. There is often very little time and energy left at the end of each day for play!

At the Fathering Project we want to help you set new goals to spend more quality time with your child daily, weekly and plan for special dad dates, This can take a bit of planning, as one dad told us, “I set my mobile phone alarm to ring at 6pm each day to check how much time I have spent with my kids, and plan my next day accordingly”.

At the Fathering Project we encourage you to:

  1. Download our dad time booklet to set new goals for spending quality time with your child.
  2. Read of our special article on Dad Tips to find more time to spend with your child.
  3. Make a plan and set a reminder to check up on your progress.
  4. Subscribe to our weekly Dad Tips for great advice on a wide range of Fathering topics
  5. Join a Dads Group in your school or create one! Find out more.

Share our special AFL players and coaches stories this Father’s Day by simply sending a #kickgoalsforfathering message on your social media and make a pledge to spend more time with your child over the coming year.