Kicking goals on Father’s Day!

This Father’s Day some AFL coaches shared their #bestdadmoments with The Fathering Project.

We know it’s been a tough year, so we felt it was important to spread a bit of joy, love and happiness this Father’s Day.

Check out the video gallery below as some AFL dads talk about favourite moments with their kids and their own fathers.

You can also share your #bestdadmoments

  1. Hold your phone on its side (in landscape)
  2. Start by saying: “My best dad moment…”
  3. Record your best dad moment in 20-30 seconds
  4. Post it to Facebook or Instagram tagging #bestdadmoments

Your best dads moments could be your favourite memories as a dad, simple things you most enjoy doing as a dad, or memories with your own father.

It can be simply kicking a footy at the local park – it’s up to you!