Free Lunch & Learn Workshop Template

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Celebrating Father’s Day in the Workplace

Creating a workplace that supports and values the families of your employees is essential for fostering a culture of well-being and productivity. When staff feel supported in their roles as parents, they are more likely to thrive both at work and in their personal lives.

One effective way to bring your team together and address the needs of working dads in your workplace is through lunch and learn sessions. These sessions provide an opportunity to engage, empower, and support your male staff members who are fathers.

To help you kick-start these valuable sessions, we have developed a free lunch and learn template focused on life balance, which is part of our comprehensive Working Families Program.

This template will guide you in facilitating meaningful discussions and providing practical tools to help working dads achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Download your free lunch and learn session on life balance today and take an important step towards creating an inclusive and supportive workplace environment for all fathers in your organisation. Together, let’s support our dads and help them thrive both personally and professionally. 

Learn more about The Working Families Program here. 

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