Giving Tuesday What do you hope for your child?

At the Fathering Project we aim to change children’s lives by supporting their dads and father figures to be the best parents they can be. To do this we undertook a project to find out what Real Dads are saying in 2021.

This week, our Real Dads share their hopes and wishes for their child’s future, something that is particularly relevant as we head into a new year.

Whist fathers are all unique, these videos remind us that we are united in wanting the best for our children. We want them to be loved, supported and to grow into adults who live a happy and fulfilled life. 

But for some Dads, making this happen isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

Today is Giving Tuesday, and to commemorate this we’re asking The Fathering Project Community to make a donation to help to continue to support men to become the best fathers they can be for their children’s sake.

Your donation will enable us to provide even more resources and support to fathers and families across the Australia, leading to happier and healthier children for generations to come.

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