We are a harm prevention charity

Fathers and father figures play a very big role in keeping children safe and keeping them away from drugs and alcohol. They can also help with a child’s self-esteem which will then further prevent child suicide and self-harm.

Tackling child substance abuse, suicide and self-harm

The Fathering Project Preventing Kids Harm (PKH) was founded in May 2015 to tackle increasing rates of child substance abuse, mental illness, suicide and self-harm. By delivering evidence-based programs to schools, workplaces and community groups, we aim to raise awareness, educate fathers and families, and ultimately prevent further growth of these issues.


Research shows that fathers are a key force in reducing drug and alcohol exploration and fostering “secure exploration” of challenging and unknown situations with lasting impacts through childhood and beyond. Engaged and supportive fathers and father figures can also improve social, behavioural and emotional development, leading to higher self-esteem and better decision making abilities.

The Fathering Project PKH programs primarily aim at working together with fathers and father figures in order to:

Funding needs

The scope for this program is significant. Sufficient on-going funding will support us to conduct world-class research through The University of Western Australia and produce educational materials for schools, parents and children and deliver much-needed prevention and intervention programs.

Where the money goes

The purpose of The Fathering Project PKH is to conduct programs to prevent and control behaviours associated with:

The Fathering Project PKH undertakes presentations and courses in schools, workplaces and community groups to educate and provide strategies to fathers and children to promote the prevention of harm due to substance abuse, suicide and self harm.

Funds will be applied to 3 key areas

Specifically, we will:

Your support will go a long way and very much appreciated by The Fathering Project PKH community.

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