Family Partnerships

Creating a stronger school community

Our work continues to support schools in engaging dads to build stronger family partnerships, for the benefit of the children.

Dads have a vital role in the School

Research shows that when schools have an emphasis on specifically engaging fathers and father-figures, they see a significant benefit for their students and their whole school community.

The Fathering Project supports schools in two key areas that work together to engage fathers and support family partnerships.

One key area is through the Family Partnerships Planning Tool. Developed as an innovative online tool, it provides evidence-based resources and strategies to help schools work more closely with parents, and in particular fathers.

The aim of the Family Partnerships Planning Tool is to audit your schools current actions, identify strengths and needs, and plan for improvement to improve family partnerships.

How it benefits your school:

  • Saves time and fast tracks your school’s progress review and planning to focus on improvement.
  • Automatically analyses your input and generates a strategic plan to improve the school family partnerships.
  • Strengths based – enabling the school to identify, celebrate and promote what they’re already doing well, in addition to identifying areas for improvement.
  • Links to evidence-based strategies and toolkits within the In Schools Portal on The Fathering Project website to address areas of need.
  • Provides valuable data and content for the school’s annual reporting.
  • Analyses your current activities to compare overall partnerships with families, with specific actions to partner with fathers.

There are great benefits in using the Planning Tool:

  • It audit’s the school’s current actions, identify strengths and needs, and plan for improvement to strengthen family partnerships with an additional emphasis on fathers.
  • Provides a range of strategies, tips and resources to fast track implementation of the school plan to improve family partnerships.
  • Supports actions across 7 core elements of Family Partnerships (which have been developed to align with National, State and Territory policies and key accountabilities):
    • School culture of partnership
    • Welcoming school environment
    • Communication
    • Engagement in school
    • Learning at school and home
    • Family learning and support
    • Decision making

How to register your interest in the Planning Tool

  • You can register for The Fathering Project In Schools online. Our staff are available to assist every step of the way.
  • Contact us on 1300 FATHERS or via
  • Once you’ve signed up as a school, we’ll provide ongoing resources, online tools, event opportunities and Dads Group Leader Mentoring.