Family Partnerships

Timesaving, research-based tools for schools – to build stronger communities

Within schools, we work with school staff to support improvement of their family partnerships, with a focus on engaging fathers.

Participating schools gain access to our online In Schools Portal, which houses our planning tool and a library of evidence-based resources.

Planning Tool

Our innovative online planning tool saves schools time by evaluating family partnership strengths and needs, and automatically generating a plan of research-based strategies for improvement.

Library of Resources

Our Family Partnership Toolkits are accessed through the portal, and are packed with strategies, tips and resources to fast track the implementation of school action plans.

In Schools Family Partnership tools and resources:

    • Save time spent on review and planning, fast-tracking schools’ progress.
    • Automatically analyse data and generates a strategic plan to improve school family partnerships.
    • Are strengths based, enabling the school to identify, celebrate and promote what you are ‘already’ doing well, in addition to identifying areas you wish to improve.
    • Link to evidence-based strategies and toolkits within the In Schools Portal on The Fathering Project website to address areas of need.
    • Provide data and content for the school’s annual reporting.
    • Support established work-processes and exisiting plans for review and improvement of family-partnership strategy.
    • Are designed to be used long-term, helping to implement change, evaluate and re-evaluate improvement over time.

How does it work? 

Registered schools gain access to our In Schools Portal which houses:

  • our planning tool and;
  • a library of evidence-based resources.

The In Schools Portal is designed to be used long-term, helping to implement change, evaluate, and re-evaluate improvement over time.

How does it work? More detail

  1. The school registers
    Ready to register? Here’s how.
  2. Access to the In Schools Portal
    After registration is processed staff will be provided with a Portal login.
  3. Nominate Family Partnership Improvement Team
    Internally, a school staff member or team are nominated by leadership to use the tools and coordinate the planning process. This could be an existing team i.e. wellbeing team, pastoral care or family-partnerships team.
  4. Decide how to complete the auditing survey
    A selected staff member, team of staff, all staff or staff plus parent representatives can be involved in completing the survey. We recommend as many input points as possible – because more data means more accurate analysis. Aim for contribution from leadership and teaching staff, plus some parent representatives – if possible.
  5. Data is captured and analysed using the auditing survey tool
    The survey captures the school’s current levels of action through a series of questions about the seven core elements of family partnerships:

      1. School culture of partnership
      2. Welcoming school environment
      3. Communication
      4. Engagement in school
      5. Learning at school and home
      6. Family learning and support
      7. Decision making

The audit survey involves staff reflecting on and rating the level of activity in their school over the last 12 months.
It’s a quick and easy question-and-answer style survey with a rating scale of no activity; low activity; moderate activity, high activity or sustained practice.

Participants are asked to ask to rate activity around partnerships with families in general, and also more specifically – partnerships with fathers and father-figures.

  1. Strengths and opportunities identified
    Data is analysed, and graphs and tables are generated – illustrating areas of strength and needs within the 7 areas of family partnerships, as well as the needs specific to fathers’ engagement.
  2. Action plan generated
    An action plan is generated, with links to suggested evidence-based actions to support the improvement in areas you have prioritised.
  3. Review and refine action plan
    Still within the Portal, staff are able to modify priorities for improvement. Timelines can be attached to strategies and responsibilities allocated.
  4. Access resources and implement the plan
    Our library of evidence-based resources and tips via the In Schools Portal are designed to support the action plan.
  5. Repeat.
    We recommend completing a yearly audit to reevaluate and further improve family partnerships, for the benefit of dads, the school community – and the kids.

How to get started? 

Register your school now to get started.

Timeline (recommended):

Evidence shows it takes 3 – 5 years to make lasting improvements in children’s wellbeing, mental health and achievement. For this reason, our tool is an action research model, so it is cyclic and ongoing. We recommend a yearly audit, for continued improvement of strategies and family partnerships.

  • Plan audit for the close of Term 1 or beginning Term 2.
  • Review and refine the automatically generated strategic plan in Term 2.
  • Begin plan implementation in Term 2.

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