Our Ambassadors

The Fathering Project receives wonderful support from highly credentialed individuals who are passionate and strongly supportive of The Fathering Project. The Ambassadors provide their time and expertise in promoting the benefits of an effective father and the important role that The Fathering Project plays in inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to be better in their roles.

Elijah Boul


“When I was 8 years old my dad said ‘Son, life gives us lemons, but it is up to you to turn those lemons into lemonade.’ In the same way, being a father gives you many learnings and trials, but we can turn lemons into lemonade for our children.” “Fatherhood does not mean to be in an environment where there is no noise, disappointment, trouble or hard-work but be in the midst of those things and still remain calm, caring and loving in your heart.”

Petero Civinoceva


Petero is a former rugby league player, who was born in Suva, Fiji. Petero wants to lead by example and inspire and encourage positive attitudes and behaviours when it comes to fathering.

Robert Barty


“Being a father is such a wonderful responsibility. The privilege to share a life with your children, help them understand and manoeuvre through all stages of life and providing them with the life tools to become wonderful community members is something I have never taken for granted."

Andrew Scipione AO APM


Everyday in my role as NSW Police Commissioner I saw the impact that a father can have on a child's life. I know what a difference an effective father or father figure can make. The Fathering Project can make a huge difference to our society. I am proud to be a part of it.

David Flanagan


I want to be the best Dad I can be. I want to learn from the parenting experiences of other Dads and I want to support an organisation that helps young people have their best chance at a wonderful life.

Dennis Cometti


I’m an only child and with the passing of my father Jim in 1969 I found I had to make some difficult choices in the late 1960’s. Choosing broadcasting was the pragmatic step for a nineteen year old who loved playing football and broadcasting in equal measure. The sounding board I had always trusted, Jim, was no longer there. In hindsight it would seem I did the right thing. He taught me well. 

Not a day goes past when I don’t think of him. Fathers are important people. 

Dennis Lillee AM, MBE


It is a major responsibility to be a father. However, there is no rule book. You need to listen and learn from the people you respect and then formulate your plan from there.

Even as kids grow older, it is important to tell them how much you love them, even when things get tense. In the end, this wins through.

The Fathering Project can help fathers to be better and it is very important. I am very happy to be a part of it.

Dr Tim Hawkes OAM


A frequent commentator on radio and TV, Dr. Hawkes is passionate about equipping children with the very best start in life. His books, educational career and engagement with "The Fathering Project" are evidence of a passion to ensure that every child is placed on a trajectory of success.

James McMahon DSC, DSM


‘The Fathering Project is about your Child, your Family, your Community and your Country’

Nick Farr-Jones AM


Nick Farr-Jones played an integral part in the success of the Wallabies and was an inspiration to his teammates. His effect on the game and influence in sporting circles beyond rugby was recognised in 1992 when he was awarded the AM.

He is now right behind The Fathering Project as the most powerful force in Australia to change the future of our children.

Prof Donna Cross


My wonderful dad was a pilot, so he was away from our family for a number of days each week.  When he was home, he (and my mother) never missed anything in which my brother and I participated. He recognised the importance of fathers making their children feel special by deliberately spending time with them.

Prof Fiona Wood AM


Having a dad that inspired me to work and live to my potential; to make choices so that you get up in the morning and enjoy what you do is a gift that is constantly with me.

Rev Tim Costello AO


Rev Tim Costello AO is recognised as one of Australia’s leading voices on social justice, leadership and ethics. He has spearheaded public debates on gambling, urban poverty, homelessness, reconciliation and substance abuse.