Dr Tim Hawkes OAM

Although a fifth generation Australian, Dr. Tim Hawkes completed his secondary education in England and completed his first degree (BEd. Hons) at Durham University.

After teaching in England for five years, and securing a British Army Officer’s commission in the Reserves, Dr Hawkes returned to Australia in 1981 to teach. After teaching is Sydney for nine years, Dr. Hawkes was invited to become the Principal of St Leonard’s College in Melbourne in 1990 where he served as a heads representative on the governing board of the International Baccalaureate Organisation and was the Founding Chairman of the Association of Heads of Independent Co-educational Schools of Victoria. In 1998, Dr. Hawkes took up the position of Headmaster of one of Australia’s most well-known schools, The King’s School, in Sydney, a position he held until 2017.

A well-respected authority on boys’ education, Dr Hawkes has been an advisor to the Federal Government, serving as a member of the “Forum on the Education of Boys” in 2002. His first book, “Boy Oh Boy” became a best seller and he continues to write and speak extensively on the issue of educating boys. One of his more recent books, “Ten conversations you must have with your son” has also sold well and been translated into several languages.

The father of two daughters as well as a son, Dr Hawkes has also written on raising girls, with his latest book, “Ten Leadership Lessons You Should Teach Your Teenager” being particularly popular with the parents of girls as well as boys. Dr Hawkes has also been active in the area of values education and the development of leadership skills in students. His four book series, “Learning Leadership – a leadership course for secondary students”  has become popular in schools throughout the world.

In 2007, Dr Hawkes was given a “Quality Teaching”, Federal Government award for excellence as a school principal for “rejuvenating the educational philosophy and practice of The King’s School by building on its strengths as a national leader in boys’ education, residential education and leadership education.” The citation went on to say that School’s academic results had also improved significantly under his leadership.

Dr Hawkes has a number of interests outside education including being patron of the “Foresight Foundation” an organisation that assists adults who are both deaf and blind. He served from 2000 to 2008 as the national chairman of Overseas Missionary Fellowship and is President of the “Under 16s”, an organisation that supports those who volunteered for service in World War II while being under the age of 16 years.