Philanthropy and Major Gifts

Major gifts allow us to plan for the future and expand our programs to reach more families across Australia.

They have a long-term impact for generations to come and can come from individuals, a trust or a foundation.

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Partnering to change children's lives

There are many ways to partner with The Fathering Project which will inspire your staff, clients, and customers to act and give so that children can have fathers who are more engaged in their lives and have the skills to support and empower a child's development.

With each opportunity, large or small, comes a range of benefits for all involved. Become a The Fathering Project major donor today!

Let's actively change children's lives for generations to come, and can come from individuals, a Trust or a Foundation.

Data from Dads Groups across Australia shows:

  • 98% of Dads reported feeling more connected to other Dads

  • 82% of Dads had more awareness of their impact on their child

  • 75% of Dads became more engaged in conversation with their children.

Trusts and Foundations

Partnering with Trusts, Foundations and Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) enables us to go further, plan for the future, and further expand our programs and services.

We value this opportunity to work together to ensure we are positively changing children's, fathers and families lives.

For more information and ideas about getting involved, please contact:

Sharnelle Magee
Fundraising Manager

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