We’re sharing fathering stories to inspire dads with their most important job.   

We know that effective fathers and father-figures contribute significantly to building happier, healthier futures for their kids. Explore our podcasts and partnership projects to hear first hand from dads and father-figures about their experiences and insights on all aspects of what it means to be a dad.

The Fathering Project Podcast Pilot 2019

Peter Howe talks music and fathering
In this episode, Peter Howe joins TFP’s David Forrest to share his unique fathering experience. Peter’s life as a budding musician in the surfing crazed era of the 70s and 80s presented its own challenges including the lure of a Warner Brothers contract and the task of balancing family life with his career after the birth of his first daughter. Peter shares his reflections, deciding factors and how ‘putting fathering first’ changed his life for the better.
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Being Dad – With Alex Cullen 

2019 (Seven West Media)

Being Dad with Dr Bruce Robinson of The Fathering Project.
Fathering Project founder Bruce Robinson wants to educate fathers on how to be the best dads they can be, and he’s been doing it for years now.  He’s a legend when it comes to Dad stuff. In this chat Bruce talks to Alex about his experience of Being Dad and how he came to start The Fathering Project.
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The Men Who Raised Us

2019 – in proud partnership with GQ Australia

Eight episode series.  
Speaking to some of Australia’s biggest stars in film, sport, music, media and entertainment, we’ve partnered with GQ Australia to bring you discussions on how a person’s journey through adolescence shapes who they are today. From sporting legend Kurt Fearnley to musician Sam Margin of the Rubens, the conversations delve into everything from family to practical tips on achieving happiness.
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