Position Vacant – Digital Manager (Executive Role)

Digital Manager (Executive Role)

  • 38 hours per week
  • Monday – Friday, 8.30 am – 5.00 pm, plus other hours as require
  • Reporting to the CEO

The Fathering Project PKH (Preventing Kids Harm) is a preventative Not-for-profit established by Professor Bruce Robinson. At our core is the desire to ensure every child in Australia (and the world) has an effective father or father-figure.

We know that an effective father-figure has a profound impact on the health and wellbeing of a child and a child with an effective father or father-figure in their lives is significantly less at risk of harm; youth suicide, self-harm, substance abuse, crime, domestic violence, the list goes on…

Everything we do at The Fathering Project is designed to help fathers and father-figures become more effective. We’re responsive to the needs of kids and fathers today, and proactive in the prevention of issues in the future.

We engage and inspire fathers and father-figures to think about their priorities and to elevate the importance of fathering in their lives and their children’s lives, by encouraging fathers and father figure to Put Fathering First, for the benefit of their kids.

As an organisation we’re currently undergoing a growth phase and require the support and direction from a motivated and highly skilled Digital Manager who aligns with our vision and wants to make a difference in the lives of Australian kids – The role is responsible for leading and managing our digital projects to ensure they’re delivering on our objectives.

Purpose of the position:

The Digital Manager will lead and manage digital projects to increase reach, influence and revenue for The Fathering Project.

Key functions:

  • Coordinate internal operational areas
    • Research team including the Scientific Advisory Group
    • Digital Advisory Group
    • Branding and Communications
  • Integrate and manage internal activities to drive key outputs to inform
    • Content production
    • Social media management
    • Website
    • Digital marketing, positioning & promotion
    • Fundraising and sales
  • Website management
    • Technical coordination and optimisation
    • Management of functionality
    • Innovation
  • Measurement – ROI and success across all projects to demonstrate effectiveness

Primary tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Lead the digital team
    1. Innovate – Provide sound advice on digital and market trends
    2. Provide input into strategic business plan and objectives re digital components
    3. Manage outputs of internal teams and external consultants
    4. Training & coaching internal reports
    5. Develop a clear understanding and include the research that underpins The Fathering Project direction
  2. Provide technical advice and direction to drive digital strategy
    1. Utilise consultant input to optimise outputs in key areas of branding, communication, digital reach, engagement and revenue raising.
      1. Develop strategies
      2. Present strategies for approval
      3. Implement strategies
      4. Measure outcomes
    2. Collaborate with external teams to design, develop and implement digital projects
    3. Develop project support documentation
    4. Seek opportunities for improvements and suggest new projects
  3. Manage content developmen
    1. Manage and deliver the framework of content
    2. Oversee the development of the content plan and achievement of its outcomes
    3. Oversee the development of the channel plan and achievement of its outcomes
    4. Deliver the content within the budget parameters
  4. Lead and manage projects to upgrade the website functionality across all access areas (public/member/dads group member/subscriber)
    1. Manage the upgrade to design/build of the website with external partners – to optimise engagement and presentation of content/campaigns in a timely manner
    2. Ensure customer satisfaction with website offering (in accordance with agreed benchmarks)
    3. Leveraging existing systems (as plugins) to optimise workflow
    4. Create and deliver sales, marketing and promotional initiatives to support active campaigns
    5. Establish phased ROI metrics
  5. Generate income through website and digital campaigns
    1. Product sales
    2. Donations
    3. Advertising
    4. Other initiatives as approved by the CEO
  6. Brand & IP
    1. Ensure The Fathering Project brand guidelines are adopted
    2. Ensure protection of The Fathering Project IP
  7. Security
    1. Maintain a high level of knowledge of cyber security issues
    2. Implement sound cyber security measures
    3. Document cyber security initiatives
  8. Finance
    1. Develop draft budget for approval
    2. Ensure budget outcomes are achieved
    3. Report any threats or variations to budgets
    4. Ensure spending approval criteria are adhered to
  9. Reporting
    1. Provide monthly reports on key metrics for content and digital initiatives.
    2. Provide monthly financial reports
    3. Provide a monthly overview with reference to agreed KPI’s to the Board including key metrics and financial reports.


  • 5 years’ experience in a similar role including the leading of a team whilst having hands on ‘doing’ experience.
  • Strong project management skills
  • Demonstrated experience curating content, executing social media strategies, managing digital platforms and creative campaigns coupled with exceptional communication skills, particularly writing, and attention to detail.
  • Technical proficient in WordPress, API’s, Adobe Creative Suite, SEO optimisation
  • Experience in creative execution, ensuring the work is on brand, on brief and on budget
  • Experience in marketing and branding
  • Ability to work with different consultant/contract/project teams
  • Broad experience in web design/development projects
  • Extensive experience in Google Analytics and Google Webmasters
  • A sound knowledge across all digital channels, including an understanding of how to engage, listen and monitor communities, and measure outcomes in each.

Applications to wayne@thefatheringproject.org 
Applications close Friday 24th May 2019