Our Community Fathering program provides tailored support, services, courses and events to help you:

  • CONNECT with other fathers
  • CREATE better relationships with your children
  • BUILD your fathering tool kit
  • GAIN practical tips for better fathering
  • IMPROVE your mental health and confidence 

We also provide a free resource library and a drop in and training centre, for fathers, male role models and children.

Our drop-in centres provide access to a Community Fathering Co-ordinator. Current drop-in centres are located:


Foundery Family Centre

132 Wentworth Street

Port Kembla

Call: 1300 328 437


Child and Parent Centre Westfield Park

11 Hemingway Drive


Call: 08 9235 7004 to make an appointment

ABC Compass Documentary Trailer 
Westfield Park Primary School Dads and Kids Camp




Community Fathering Manager in WA, David Walker, speaks with Meerilinga Podcast Positive Childhoods.

Listen here