Q&A – Dadvice Weekly

Being a dad is the most important job you’ll have and something that is truly rewarding. But this is not to say it doesn’t come with its challenges. 

There is many a day where we question our capabilities and whether or not what we are experiencing is unique to us, or other dads too.

Whether it’s the fact no matter how hard you try, your toddler just refuses to go to bed, or your teenager has decided it’s no longer ‘cool’ to hang out with their dad, or, you’re at a loss on how to reconnect with your partner since the kids have now taken up whatever spare time you have left in the day.

No matter the circumstance, we encourage you to share your thoughts and write in your questions to Dadvice Weekly.

Each week a question will be selected and an expert will answer. Visit The Fathering Channel every Tuesday to stay up to date. 

Disclaimer: The Fathering Project can’t provide individual advice. Any advice given in response to a question is general advice only, should you have any concerns there is qualified support available, visit our recommended support services. 

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