The Fathering Project is one of the few organisations in Australia using evidence-based programs and resources to help Dads and father figures to build their parenting knowledge, skills and confidence.

In fact, we’re the first in the world to deliver support and prevention programs to all fathers across the country. We do this because the research clearly shows that fathers matter.

Research from Australia and overseas demonstrates that children with disengaged fathers experience poorer educational outcomes and higher rates of mental illness, illicit drug use and incarceration. Conversely, children with engaged and effective fathers have improved cognitive and academic outcomes, higher levels of empathy, self control and self esteem and better social and emotional skills.

Working in partnership with experts such as the Telethon Kids Institute, we utilise up-to-date research to guide our activity, evaluate our programs and to disseminate information to fathers and researchers. We are also committed to conducting our own research to advance global understanding and practice in this field. 

With a focus on evidence-based prevention and intervention, we aim to be the premier national provider of resources and support for fathers and father figures, and a recognised global expert on the impact of fathering on family and community wellbeing.

Why fathers matter

The crucial impact of fathers and father figures on child development and wellbeing.

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