Dads Group Research

Below are some recent research evaluations of our work in schools. We also have research reviews showing the impact of fathering on children’s health and well being.

Dads Group Leader Survey 2016

The fathering Project has supported the development of an extensive network fathering groups at primary schools across Australia – known as Dads Groups. This report provides details of feedback from leaders or representatives of these groups for activity over the year 2016. These details include: the level of father engagement in the program, the number and type of activities delivered, the attendance at the activities, planned activity for 2017, topics of importance, how well key objectives are being met, and identifying any needs for their group. View the DG Leader Survey Report.

Dads Group Father Survey 2017

The Fathering Project engages with thousands of fathers through Dads Groups in primary schools and community groups around Australia. Late in 2017, 181 of these fathers completed an online survey. The results provide an indication of their involvement, commitment, satisfaction, and the impact of being in these groups – for both them and their children. View an infographic summary of the findings here.

Fathering Presentations 2016

Each year, volunteers and staff at The Fathering Project provide presentations to schools and community groups – sharing the vision of our work and the importance of fathers and father-figures for children and families. The Presentations Infographic provides a summary of the impact of these presentations and the feedback we received during 2016.