Men of John XXIII’s City to Surf 2015 experience

On Sunday 30 August 2015, a group of fathers and father figures and their kids from John XXIII College got together and completed Chevron’s City to Surf event. The Men of John XXIII and their kids had done the run in support of The Fathering Project. Below is what a daughter and a father of the College have to say:

“I ran the city to surf with my dad and my sister Kate. I was really excited about the race. We got up really early to get there!! The race wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, it was actually lots of fun. There were heaps of people running, some were even dressed in costumes. We got medals for completing the race. Maybe next year I might train to do the 12km run!” – Sarah Frew, 10, a student of John XXIII College.

“From about the 6 km mark I was struggling for pace, my lack of training starting to become apparent.  Cam obviously had a fair bit left in his tank and was urging me to pick up the pace.  At about the 9 km, still struggling, I told him I didn’t mind if he ran ahead and I would see him at the finish line.  He ran off well ahead of me and I was happy to meet him at the end.  But at the last drink station before the end, there he was waiting for me and he told me he would like to finish the race with me.   I thought that said a lot about him and it meant a lot to me as his dad.” – Greg O’Rourke, a dad who is a member of the Men of John XXIII.

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