Annual Activities by the NedsLads

NedsLads, the self-named Fathering Project group at Nedlands Primary School, kicked off in October 2014 with the school’s Principal encouraging a group of Dads to get together one night to hear from a Fathering Project representative.  The messages are strong, and the benefits to Dads, children and families are obvious, so the concept was an easy one to introduce quickly and effectively within a school community.

We have a key group of about 10 Dads involved, and with the backing of the school to help initial communication and support for events, we created small organising committees for each event to spread the load.  We have initially aimed for a memorable activity each term, with some of them, such as a “Walk to School Day” or “School Campout” becoming annual events that form part of the school’s calendar.

We have collected contact details from every participant of every NedsLads event and they have become our mailing list from which have built a strong support base for future initiatives. Over time these initiatives are likely to go beyond just fun events as we explore other ways to achieve the worthwhile objectives of the Fathering Project in our community.

Success Story:

Men of John XXIII’s City to Surf 2015 experience

On Sunday 30 August 2015, a group of fathers and father figures and their kids from John XXIII College got together and completed Chevron’s City…

Success Story:

The DUCKs of Kensington Primary School Camp Wrap Up

Back in November 2015, the DUCKs – Fathering Project Schools Group of Kensington Primary School – hosted a camp out. The event attracted a great attendance…