September is “DADember” at St Peter’s

The St Peter’s Dads is a group of St Peter’s Primary School fathers, and father figures, which formed as a sub-committee of St Peter’s P&F in 2014.  It is well supported by the P&F and the School Leadership.

The committee meets monthly to discuss issues and plan events.  All St Peter’s fathers and father figures are welcome.

St Peter’s Dads organised a “Dad come and see my school” event free to all fathers and father figures of the school. It provides fathers, and father figures, time with their children to explore the school outside the normal busy working week where many father figures never get a chance to step inside the school with their children.  The school is opened on at a designated time on the weekend so that father figures can explore the school environment together.  A treasure hunt activity, icy pole and some sporting equipment makes for a perfect afternoon.

In 2015, approximately 200 attended the activity on a Sunday afternoon, including over 120 father figures.  Fun was had by all.

September is “DADember” at St Peter’s

During September, in consultation with the school, there is a series of school / class activities for fathering figures to get involved, for instance Father’s Day breakfast, school excursions, class activities, etc.  The aim is to promote the importance of fathering figures’ involvement with their children.  It is promoted not just through the calendar of activities, but also through encouraging quality time between dads and kids during “DADember.”

In 2014, approximately 30 father figures joined the Year 1 class on their excursion to the Art Gallery.  The feedback from staff at the gallery was that they have never seen such an amazing male involvement in a school activity before.

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