St. Peters School Campout

Learning The 3 R’s of School Campouts
Risk, Resilience and Reward

Well it’s past us now but for 30 families last weekend saw St Peters Dads and nature put on a grand show for all who attended. It was anxious as zero hour approached and the calls increased from anxious parents pulling out of the campout.
We watched the weather radar and looked pensively outside but our informed risk decision was to soldier on and make it happen!! When we opened the school gates at 12.30pm the weather magically went into a dry spell and the sun came out and mostly everyone had got unpacked and tents erected in a dry state by 3pm when it clouded over again.
The place was buzzing and the kids were already exploring and playing and picking up on the energy of nature in all its primal glory. Some camped under cover and some braved the outdoors but by 4.30pm we were dug in like ticks and had our first campout meeting.
Everyone there was relieved they came and the weather became a minor irritant in the background as the kids had treasure hunts, soccer matches, chasey and handball, as the dads got to know each other and build the comradery. Some of the dads got stuck in to dinner aided by real drip coffee courtesy of Joe Vecchio, and ably led by Mark Di Silvio and Dean Kennedy and a volunteer group of dads in the canteen.
Meanwhile Tim Count, Richard Boyd and Will Aves faced the only real challenge of the weekend with that being the AV system delivering Scooby Doo for the kids whilst the Dads also snuck a look at the Eagles kick truly against Port Adelaide. It would not have happened without the tech know how of Will and Tim and their experience with the school AV and PA system so thanks guys for the timely rescue.
The cold weather and run-around energy being burnt off created hungry mouths to feed and the 30 cancellations food quota was gulped down by the troops before we hunched down under rugs for a Dads and kids movie experience encompassing Minions and Treasure Buddies!! Soon we drifted off to tents and a few snores were later heard above the howling gale and a bunch of party goers on Salisbury St. at midnight arguing about who was about to drive home from a party nearby.
We awoke to eager kids already at play and because it was an alcohol free event most dads bounced out of their tents in better rather than worse form than the night before. The bonding that had already formed amongst kids and dads who had not known each other in any meaningful way was evident over breakfast which again the kitchen dads drove like a military machine.
Everyone was sad to see the event end and after some prize giving it got the vote as a must attend event by all who were there. St Peters Dads will organise another event in August, and for anyone who wants to be on the informal organising meeting of St Peters Dads we meet and discuss what to do next at the Inglewood Hotel on a Wed night at 7.30pm.
Email us on to stay in touch as we meet roughly monthly in between events and then fortnightly or even weekly close to any big event we are staging.
Our sincere thanks to St Peters in handing over the school to us last weekend, and a big thanks to the organisers, attendees and the helpers who made this great experience happen.
The weekend will live on in the memories of those kids and dads and be a common ground experience they can all remember and share moving forward as a special time together. Bring on the next one soon!!
The SPD Team: Richard Boyd, Mark Di Silvio, Joe Vecchio, Dean Rybarczyk, Tim Count

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