The Strike Night Bowling MOB

On Friday the 24th June, the Men of Benedict’s (MOB) first father/child event, which was a bowling night, was held. The focus was to get the fathers of St Benedict’s involved in a father- kid night.
The event ran from 5.30pm – 7.30pm. More than 140 dads and kids turned up and we booked out the entire 24 lanes of the Super Bowl in Melville.
There were lots of new faces including both Dads and kids, which is great to see. We all played two games of bowling and I’m sure that everyone could have still been playing until midnight but sadly we couldn’t. Everyone gave bowling a go, including the younger kids. Strike, spare or gutter ball it didn’t matter.
There was a lot of noise and laughter from both the dads and the kids. The organisers allocated lanes so that dads got to know other dads. Dads also spent some quality time with their kids, which is what the Fathering Project is all about.
Everyone had a terrific time and got to know each other better.
A massive credit to all fathers who were encouraging and supportive, not only of their own children but of others and welcomed the purpose of this event… to create opportunities for interacting and bonding between fathers and their children. The MOB’s purpose.
“The best way to be a better dad is to be aware of the need to spend quality time, to learn how to be better and to regularly practice positive behaviors.”

Report compiled by Head Girl, Ella Biancuzzo.

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