The Dads of Booragoon

Booragoon Champion Dads started with a spark in 2013 after a group of 20 dads listened to an overview of the Fathering Project. An engaging topic and discussions followed with a few beers and the fire was started.

With successful events including – Crackerjack Lawn bowls 1 & 2, Dads and Kids Camp Out and now with the Top Gun Indoor Beach Volleyball we have our 4 annual events all with trophies!

The power of this group and positive benefits to our community was seen when Booragoon Primary School P&C planned to build a Nature Play.

With a quote of $60,000 and with $25k fundraised for Nature Play 1, the Grounds team all Champion Dads put the word/text out for material, equipment and labour donations through the Champion Dads pack. Within 48 hours all materials were sourced, and on the set day over 70 families with 150 kids in 12 hours started and built a school changing Natureplay for the kids. Cost – less than $1,000 (with most spent feeding and watering the team) result Priceless.

Working closely with the school and the mums, powered by a text and school developed app, clear and easy communication lines are a key to getting the dads together, so far we have seen over 180 out of 240 dads attend one or more of the events.

With some of our starting dads transitioning with kids to high school we now have an Alumni list of dads that are still keen to attend events with their mates.



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